GHoPat – GPCRs in homeostasis and pathology

Our research

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) represent the largest family among membrane receptors. They play a major role in a variety of physiological and pathophysiological processes, and constitute the targets for 30% of the active compounds presently used as therapeutic agents. Our objective is to study new paradigms in activation, signaling and regulation of GPCRs and determine their contribution in pathophysiological processes using mice models.

The experimental approach involves cell and molecular biology, pharmacology, organoid culture technology and in vivo studies.

Group members


Principal investigators

Marie-Isabelle Garcia PhD,        Phone: + 32 2 555 4195, Email : —>Personal Web Page

Ingrid Langer PharmD, PhD ,     Phone: + 32 2 555 4129, Email :–>Personal Web Page

Jean-Yves Springael PhD,          Phone: + 32 2 555 4198, Email :–>Personal Web Page

Gilbert Vassart, MD,PhD,        Email :  —>Personal web page

Technical staff

Morgane Leprovots BA degree, Phone: + 32 2 555 6576, Email :

PhD students

Rami Abdo, MD, + 32 2 555 4990,

Giulia Agostini, + 32 2 555 4990, Email :

Jerôme Jendriens, + 32 2 555 4143,

Romane Meerts, + 32 2 555 4990, Email :

Alia Hadefi, MD, + 32 2 555 4990, Email :

Maryam Marefati, + 32 2 555 4990, Email :

Mohammed-Amine Mahdar, MD, + 32 2 555 4990,

Lilian Demolin, MD, + 32 2 555 4990,

Master students

Nathalie Tubez, + 32 2 555 4990,

Marie Ates, + 32 2 555 4990,


Publications from 2016


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