Jean Yves Springael – GHoPat

Our research

Chemokine receptors signaling in physiological and pathological processes

Our research aim at studying new paradigms in activation and signalling of G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) by using chemokine receptors as a model system. This family contains more than 20 receptors expressed on a variety of cells including immune cells, endothelial cells and neurons. Chemokine receptors control many aspects of cell migration in health and disease, and constitute interesting therapeutic targets for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases as well as cancers

Current projects include:

  • Studying the functional consequences of chemokine receptors heterodimerization.
  • Investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the signaling bias by using atypical chemokine receptors naturally biased towards activation of β-arrestins.
  • Studying the structure and function of the chemerin receptors CMKLR1, GPR1 and CCRL2.
  • Investigating the role of the chemerin receptors in the development of the immune response by using transgenic mice models.

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