Congratulations to our researchers !

Grants and Fellowships 2022-2023

Marta Avalos Moreno                   FRIA
Paul Rouvier                                   FRIA
Dalil Taher                                      FRIA

Aysu Alkiraz                                    Research Fellow FNRS
Pauline De Meyer                          Research Fellow FNRS
Nathan Torcida Sedano               Research Fellow FNRS
Daniela Aparicio                            Research Fellow ULB-Kids Fund
Alizee Vercauteren Drubbel        Scientific Collaborator FNRS

Academic position
Sumeet Pal Singh                          Assistant Professor ULB

CDR-FNRS                                     PDR-FNRS
Didier Communi                           Valerie Wittamer
Sabine Costagliola
Isabelle Garcia                             Televie
Carine Maenhaut                        Benjamin Beck
Sumeet Pal Singh

Grant from Fondation Recherche Alzheimer
Valérie Wittamer 

NIH Grant
Sabine Costagliola

ARC advanced
Sabine Costagliola-Vincent Detours

Fondation contre le Cancer
Benjamin beck
Xavier Bisteau

Fonds Germaine Eisendrath Dubois
Fabiana Moresi

Price for « Basic Research in Cardiology » from Belgian Heart Foundation
Didier Communi

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   H2020 research project

New European H2020 research project
The influence of endocrine disruptors on the male and female thyroid gland

The new European collaborative project SCREENED aims to develop three-dimensional (3D) cell-based in vitro tests to better characterize the effects of endocrine disruptors on thyroid functions. This method will overcome the limitations of existing tests, being more sensitive, at low doses of exposure to chemicals, and enabling the prediction of their toxicity on human health in a sex-specific manner. Sabine Costagliola Lab at IRIBHM is the Belgian partner of this ambitious and innovative project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825745.

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