Recent Publications

"Lipid phosphatases SKIP and SHIP2 regulate fibronectin-dependent cell migration in glioblastoma". Ramos AR, Ghosh S, Dedobbeleer M, Robe PA, Rogister B, Erneux C.FEBS J. 2019 Jan 29. doi: 10.1111/febs.14769.

“Small Molecule Screening in Zebrafish Embryos Identifies Signaling Pathways Regulating Early Thyroid Development”. Benoit Haerlingen, Robert Opitz, Isabelle Vandernoot, Achim Trubiroha, Pierre Gillotay, Nicoletta Giusti, Sabine Costagliola. bioRxiv 551861; doi:

"The impact of PI 5-phosphatases on phosphoinositides in cell function and human disease" Ana Raquel Ramos, Somadri Ghosh, Christophe Erneux (2019)  J. Lipid Res. 60:  2.  276-286 Feb. 

“Distinct mesoderm migration phenotypes in extra-embryonic and embryonic regions of the early mouse embryo" Bechara Saykali, Navrita Mathiah, Wallis Nahaboo, Marie-Lucie Racu, Matthieu Defrance, Isabelle Migeotte. bioRxiv 438721; doi:

“Inhibition of SHIP2 activity inhibits cell migration and could prevent metastasis in breast cancer cells”, Somadri Ghosh, Samuel Scozzaro, Ana Raquel Ramos, Sebastien Delcambre, Clement Chevalier, Pavel Krejci, and Christophe Erneux. 2018 Journal of Cell science, Aug 16;131(16), pii: jcs216408.

“Embryonic microglia derive from primitive macrophages and are replaced by cmyb-dependent definitive microglia in zebrafish”, Giuliano Ferrero, Christopher B. Mahony, Eléonore Dupuis, Laurent Yvernogeau, Elodie Di Ruggiero, Magali Miserocchi, Marianne Caron, Catherine Robin, David Traver, Julien Y. Bertrand and Valérie Wittamer. Cell Rep. 2018 Jul 3;24(1):130-141

"Human-specific NOTCH2NL genes expand cortical neurogenesis through Delta/Notch regulation," Suzuki IK, Gacquer D, Van Heurck R, Kumar D, Wojno M, Bilheu A, Herpoel A, Cheron J, Polleux F, Detours V, and Vanderhaeghen P. Cell, Volume 173, Issue 6, 31 May 2018, Pages 1370–1384.e16

"Human Pluripotent Stem-Cell-Derived Cortical Neurons Integrate Functionally into the Lesioned Adult Murine Visual Cortex in an Area-Specific Way", Ira Espuny-Camacho, Kimmo A. Michelsen, Daniele Linaro, Angéline Bilheu, Sandra Acosta-Verdugo, Adèle Herpoel, Michele Giugliano, Afsaneh Gaillard, Pierre Vanderhaeghen, , Cell Reports, Volume 23, Issue 9, 29 May 2018, Pages 2732-2743.

A Rapid CRISPR/Cas-based Mutagenesis Assay in Zebrafish for Identification of Genes Involved in Thyroid Morphogenesis and Function," A. Trubiroha, P. Gillotay, N. Giusti, D. Gacquer, F. Libert, A. Lefort, B. Haerlingen, X. Deken, R. Opitz, and S. Costagliola,  Sci. Rep., pp. 1–19, Mar. 2018.

"Development by Genetic Immunization of Monovalent Antibodies Against Human Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Receptor 1 (VPAC1), New Innovative, and Versatile Tools to Study VPAC1 Receptor Function." Peyrassol X, Laeremans T, Lahura V, Debulpaep M, El Hassan H, Steyaert J, Parmentier M, Langer I. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2018 Apr 5;9:153.

Other publications, as collaborators.

“The inositol phosphatase SHIP2 enables sustained ERK activation downstream of FGF receptors by recruiting Src kinases,” B. Fafilek, L. Balek, M. K. Bosakova, M. Varecha, A. Nita, T. Gregor, I. Gudernova, J. Krenova, S. Ghosh, M. Piskacek, L. Jonatova, N. H. Cernohorsky, J. T. Zieba, M. Kostas, E. M. Haugsten, J. Wesche, C. Erneux, L. Trantirek, D. Krakow, and P. Krejci,  Sci Signal, vol. 11, no. 548, p. eaap8608, Sep. 2018.


March 2019
Biomedical Research Seminars
Campus Erasme - 1PM

March 21 (Auditoire B1.003)
Roser Vento
Cellular Genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge,UK
"Reconstructing the maternal-fetal interface one cell at a time"
Host: Sabine Costagliola

March 28 (Auditoire B1.003)
Patricia Bonnavion
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Laboratory of Neurophysiology
"Cracking the neural code of arousal homeostasis: significance of parallel brain networks"
Host: Alban de Kerchove

April 2019
Biomedical Research Seminars
Campus Erasme - 1PM

April 11 (Auditoire B1.003)
Eric Theveneau
Centre for Developmental Biology, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Beyond Chemotaxis: Sdf1-dependent directional cell migration without gradient
Host: Isabelle Migeotte

April 18 (Auditoire B1.003)
Vincent Pasque
Lab for epigenetic reprogramming, KUL
“Epigenetic regulation during development and reprogramming to pluripotency”
Host: Miriam Cnop

April 25 (Auditoire Bordet, Bât F de 9h à 17h)
18ème Journée des Doctorants

   Press release

New European H2020 research project
The influence of endocrine disruptors on the male and female thyroid gland

The new European collaborative project SCREENED aims to develop three-dimensional (3D) cell-based in vitro tests to better characterize the effects of endocrine disruptors on thyroid functions. This method will overcome the limitations of existing tests, being more sensitive, at low doses of exposure to chemicals, and enabling the prediction of their toxicity on human health in a sex-specific manner. Sabine Costagliola Lab at IRIBHM is the Belgian partner of this ambitious and innovative project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825745.

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   Open Positions

Several positions are open at IRIBHM for PhD students and Postdocs.

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