PhD Day June 2024


IRIBHM is pleased to announce the 9th PhD Day on June 14th, 2024 at Holleken Farm.

The goal of this day is to propose an overview of the scientific work within the Institute, but also to promote the social networking..
As in previous years, external groups with which IRIBHM has close relationships will participate in this day.
The scientific program will be divided into oral presentations, flash talks/poster sessions and a big QUIZ at the end of which the best speaker in each exercise and the QUIZ winner will be awarded.
This day will conclude with a BBQ and a few beers.
As with the previous editions, we would like to organize an eco-friendly day with zero non-recyclable waste. To achieve this, we count on everyone’s participation and ask all talented cooks and pastry chefs to bring savory or sweet preparations that will enrich our coffee breaks.

See you on June 14th !



June 14, 2024, 9th IRIBHM PhD Day

09:30 -10.00

Arrivals & Welcome introduction

10:00 – 10:45

Session 1:  Love on the brain (Rihanna)  (talks 15min + 5 for questions)

Chair: Mehmet Can Demirler 

  • Alejandra Caceres Chavez: “Cognitive flexibility in the dorsal striatum: neuronal representations” ( de Kerchove)
  • Alice Montanari: “Characterization of microglia dynamics in the developing brain” ( Wittamer)

10:45- 11:15   Flash talks (10 Flash talks 3 min) Numbers 1 to 10: 

  • 1-Jérôme Jeandriens: “Role of the VIP pathway in homeostasis of the colonic mucosa(I.Langer)
  • 2-Sena Bekar:Zebrafish as an in vivo model to evaluate the impact of RHPN2 in melanoma development” (I.Pirson)
  • 3-Aleksandra Nawrocka: “Cilia ectocytosis step by step” (P.Laurent)
  • 4-Eduardo Rios Morris Exploring the origins of thyroid cancer: Perspectives from human thyroid organoids” (S.Costagliola)
  • 5-Nicolas Henry: “Defining the role of miR-1179 in thyroid tumorigenesis” (C.Maenhaut)
  • 6-Aysu Alkiraz: “Homeostatic maintenance of microglia in the zebrafish brain” (V.Wittamer)
  • 7-Pilar Martinez Olondo: “Exploring a yet-unknown striatal projection neuron population: network and dynamics” ( Kerchove)
  • 8-Sema Elif Eski: “As per need: compensatory regeneration of zebrafish live(S.Pal Singh)
  • 9-Morgane Leprovots: “Duodenal-derived organoids to investigate gut epithelium in Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patients(I.Garcia)
  • 10-Nina Blond: “Unravelling the open questions in FLASH preclinical radiotherapy for an optimal clinical translation” (V.Wittamer/ S.Penninckx)

11:15- 11:30            Coffee break

11:30 – 12:15

Session 2:  Butterflies (Kacey Musgraves) (talks 15min + 5 for questions)

Chair: Meghna Shankar

  • Alessandra Boggian « How insulin shapes lung development
    in a new human stem cell organoid model”
    (S. Costagliola)
  • Maria Rojo Pardillo: “Exploring the dosage-dependent impact of Dicer1 in thyroid cell lines” (C. Maenhaut)

12:15- 12:30   Flash talks (Master students) (5 Flash talks 3 min) Numbers 11 to 15:

  • 11-Rahul Leon Chakraberty: “Setting up a new 3D in vitro model to challenge esophageal progenitor plasticity” (B.Beck)
  • 12-Karolien Heyman « Computational analysis of spatial transcriptomes at infra-cellular resolution” (V.Detours)
  • 13-Diego Japon Ruiz « From a cytostatic effect to an immunogenic signal: impact of CDK4/6 inhibition on esophageal squamous cell carcinoma «(X.Bisteau)
  • 14-Olive Rutaganda Nishimwe: ”Generation and characterization of lung organoids derived from hES cells(S.Costagliola)
  • 15-Kayode Ladoke “Predicting post-mortem intervals from histology slides” (V.Detours)

12:30 – 13:15           Lunch

13:15 – 14:15 Posters session (posters 1 to 15)*

14:15 – 15:00

Session 3: Quand c’est (Stromae) (talks 15min + 5 for questions)

Chair: Ruben Latucca

  • Adrien Tourneur: ‘Single nuclei and spatial transcriptomes suggest a stratification of papillary and anaplastic thyroid cancer cells” ( Detours)
  • Sandra Fauli Perpiña:Contributions of the direct and indirect striatal projection neuron pathways to flexibility during a reversal learning operant task” ( de Kerchove)

15:00- 15:15   Flash talks (Master students) (5 Flash talks 3 min): Numbers 16 to 19:

  • 16-Nadia Gillet: “SHIP2 inhibition sensitizes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma to chemotherapy and targeted therapy” (Beck)
  • 17-Hugo Mantion « Exploring personal human sexual dimorphism across organs with the dimorphism index” (Detours)
  • 18-Yvan Tiencheu: Human thyroid organoids for thyroid cancer modeling” (Costagliola)
  • 19-Nathalie Tubez: “Dissection of cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in Trop2-mediated colon epithelial regeneration” (Garcia)

15:15 – 15:30           Coffee break

15:30 – 16:15

Session 4: Gut Feeling (Ella Mai) (talks 15min + 5 for questions)

Chair : Daniela Aparicio Quinonez

  • Louison Descampe: “Characterization of Sox9 expression regulation in esophageal epithelium” ( Beck)
  • Maryam Marefati: “An Lgr5-independent developmental lineage is involved in mouse intestinal regeneration” ( Garcia/ G. Vassart)

16:15 – 16:45 Flash talks (10 Flash talks 3 min) Numbers 20 to 30:

    • 20-Giulia Agostini: “Investigation on the molecular mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer“ ( Garcia)
    • 21-Cyril Bodart: “Characterization of the role of SHIP2 in esophagus epithelium in vivo” ( Beck)
    • 22-Fatemeh Hassaninia: “Neuronal regulation of microglia during vertebrate development” (V. Wittamer)
    • 23-Audrius Januskevicius: “Functional role of accumbal histamine: From correlation to causation” ( Bonnavion)
    • 24-Garnik Hovhannisyan: Marking the territory: Visualization tools for protein tyrosine phosphatase receptors dynamics” ( Pal Singh/ E. Gurzov)
    • 25-Hugo Kermorvant: “Shifting motivation towards addiction in the Paraventricular Thalamus” ( de Kerchove)
    • 26-Mathieu Parmentier: Xeroderma Pigmentosum in Tanzania: identifying the causative mutations and mapping them to clinical phenotype” ( Tarabichi)
    • 27-Paul Rouvier: “Characterization of anti-inflammatory exosomes involved in the protection against myocardial infarction caused by loss of P2Y4 nucleotide receptor” ( Communi)
    • 28-Miguel Soler: “A new G-actin sensor and its use in C. elegans “ ( Laurent)
    • 29-Romane Meerts: “Deciphering the biological function of LGR5 in intestinal stem cells” (I. Garcia)
    • 30-Neha Prasanna: “Role of Glycine Receptors in the Striatal Network” (S. Schiffmann)

16:45-17:45   Posters session (Posters 16 to 30)*

17:45   Quiz

18:15 Conclusion and prizes

Social hour (beer session, appetizers, entertainment)

19:00-22:00          BBQ party

*Poster format: Vertical 90 cm L X 120 cm H (A0)



Ferme De Holleken

Directions :

BUS : De Lijn 155 (19mn from CERIA)

TRAIN : Line 124 Bruxelles-Charleroi (Holleken train station)

CAR: Follow this link