Post-doctoral fellowships (Marie-Curie COFUND program)
Various topics 

Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (IRIBHM) is a large biomedical research department of University of Brussels Medical School (ULB), with state of the art facilities and groups active in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, development, cancer, neuroscience and bioinformatics.

The IRIBHM is seeking tentative Post-doctoral fellows in different groups of the Institute, in order to apply for fellowships in the frame of a Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND program (H2020). The fellowships will be available for two years and will start between April 1st and October 15, 2019.

Candidate profile: We are looking for PhD-holder candidates with significant theoretical and practical background in their field and an excellent publication track record allowing them to compete in the frame of the COFUND program. Only transnational mobility applicants are eligible. The candidates should have obtained their PhD degree since less than 7 years and apply with their promoter to the internal ULB call by October 15, 2018.

Available topics and the corresponding group leader are :

  • Stem cells of the digestive tract in development, homeostasis and regeneration – Isabelle Garcia
  • Thyroid cell development in zebrafish and in plastic – Sabine Costagliola
  • Ontogeny and functions of microglial cells in the zebrafish model – Valérie Wittamer
  • Functional characterization of orphan GPCRs in brain – Marc Parmentier
  • Biomarker profiling by (neuro)proteomics – David Communi
  • Use of SMALPs and cryo-EM for determining the structure of GPCRs – Ingrid Langer
  • Machine learning applied to spatial transcriptomics profiles in cancer – Vincent Detours

Experience in the field of the group in which you apply would be an advantage. The candidates should have excellent independent organizational skills as well as strong collaborative abilities. A good level of written and spoken English is mandatory.

Review of applications will begin immediately and will end by September 30 at the latest. Applicants are expected to make themselves available for an interview in Brussels in the frame of the selection process.

Applications: Please obtain the application form here and send the filled form and the requested information as a pdf file to the principal investigator concerned.