Sumeet Pal Singh

Our research

Research Vision

Welcome to the lab of regenerative biology! We are interested in understanding the ability of organs to recover from injuries and stress. For example, we are able to heal a cut to our finger, even if it happens multiple times. Our blood regenerates after blood donation within a day or two. In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus was sentenced to having half of his liver eaten by an eagle every day, but the liver would regenerate during the night – highlighting the almost infinite regenerative capacity of the liver. We are fascinated by such robustness in regenerative systems – which are a hallmark of a dynamic biological system.

To understand the robustness of regenerative systems, we explore three main themes: adaptation, plasticity and memory. For our experimental model, we use Zebrafish, which posses amazing regenerative abilities. It is able to recover from complete loss of bone cells, liver hepatocytes or pancreatic beta-cells. We utilize its super-natural regenerative ability to explore our themes, with the hope that the lessons we learn can be translated to improve outcomes of human injury.

Lab Website: SinghLab@IRIBHM

The regenerative response of the zebrafish fin after injury

Group members

Sumeet Pal Singh, PhD – Group Leader

Sumeet obtained his B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in 2008, and his PhD in 2013 from Duke University under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Poss. His doctoral thesis was focussed on the cellular basis of bone regeneration in the zebrafish fin amputation model. He then pursued his postdoctoral training at CRTD, Dresden, Germany in the laboratory of Dr. Nikolay Ninov on functional and proliferative heterogeneity in the pancreatic beta-cells. His post-doc was supported by fellowships from EFSD/Lilly. He joined the faculty of IRIBHM at ULB in 2019, with a MISU starting grant from FNRS.


Camille Perazzolo

Camille Perazzolo  performed her Bachelor in medical biology with clinical chemistry option at the Paul Lambin Institute (Haute école Da Vinci), where she graduated in June 2012 with Distinction. Since 2012, she has been working at ULB on projects related to zebrafish. She has strong expertise in handing, maintainance and transgenesis of zebrafish, as well as molecular biology and confocal imaging. She is currently focusing on developing tools to visualize the dynamic response of the cells to stress.

PhD Students

Elif Eski 

Elif Eski , the lab’s first PhD student, joined on 01 November, 2019. She obtained her M.Sc. degree from Bogazici University, Turkey. During her master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Stefan H. Fuss, she focussed on the role of Wnt/β-catenin signaling during regenerative neurogenesis in adult zebrafish olfactory epithelium. In 2021, Elif received a PhD fellowship from FNRS (ASP) for three years. Elif is focusing her thesis on long-term memory of cellular stress.

Inés Garteizgogeascoa Suñer

Inés Garteizgogeascoa Suñer graduated in Biochemistry from University Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; followed by a M.Sc. degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology from University Claude Bernard de Lyon, France (2019). During her master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Karine Gauthier and Dr.Fréderic Flamant, she focused on studying thyroid hormone-mediated thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue in mice. She was able to identify potential new thermogenic pathways, independent from UCP-1 classic mechanism, regulated by thyroid hormone in response to prolonged cold exposure. She joined the group in 2020 to work on developing tools for imaging of signalling pathways in zebrafish.

Macarena Pozo Morales

Macarena Pozo Morales graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Málaga (Spain) in 2018. During her master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Ma Ángeles Real Avilés and Dr. Alicia Rivera Ramírez, she focused on determining the role of dopaminergic D4 receptor on the effect of cocaine in caudate putamen in rat. At the same time, she worked as intern student in the lab of Dr. Francisco J. Bermúdez Silva and Dr. Isabel González Mariscal in IBIMA (Spain) to study the role of GPR55 on the onset of type 1 diabetes. She joined the group in 2020 where she’s performing her PhD focused on the immediate response to cell stress and cellular plasticity during regeneration.


Selected Publications:

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§Corresponding author

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* Co-Authors

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* Co-Authors

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