Isabelle Pirson

Our research

Rhophilin2 (RHPN2) a RhoB GTPase effector

Rho GTPases regulate most cellular processes that need cytoskeleton dynamics or vesicular trafficking and play specific roles in cancer development through activation of specific effectors. Among these effectors, Rhophilin-2 (RHPN2) is a specific partner of activated Rho proteins, overexpressed in various cancer, but its molecular mechanisms of action are still largely unknown. We showed that RHPN2 is an effector of RhoB and interacts with interesting new partners in signalling cascades. All the partners play a role in melanoma development. Melanoma, through its high-metastatic potential and drug resistance, is the first leading cause of death in young adults. Our work focuses on studying the role of RHPN2 in cellular migration, drug resistance and exosomes synthesis processes of melanoma cancer cells.

  • Rhpn stable knock-down in cancer cell lines (skin and breast) allow to study the role of Rhpns in cell migration and invasion drug resistance and exosome synthesis.
  • Induction of melanoma in RHPN2-/- fish compared to wt allow us to evaluate the role of RHPN2 in tumor growth and metastatic processes in vivo.
  • Biochemical experiments to unravel the proteic partners of RHPN2 allow to complement the previous results by RHPN2 molecular function in cell signalling.

Our previous two-hybrid work also allowed the characterization of potential interactors of RHPN2 but they are not yet characterized biochemically. Nevertheless, all of them are crucial proteins involved in vesicular trafficking, a main physiological event in cancer progression. Rho proteins are important regulators of the cytoskeleton and are of major importance in membranar trafficking in cancer cells underlining the importance of studying Rhophilin involvement in cancer development.


Group members

Isabelle Pirson, PI
Phone #: +32 (0) 2 555 41 37

Lab Members

Andrew Kascejevs (Master thesis)
Sophia Gaffar (Master thesis)
Sena Bekar (PhD student)
Abeer Kaafarani (PhD student) co-direction
Romain Darche (PhD student) co-direction
Camille Perazzolo (Technician)


Isabelle Vandenbroere, Christine Jacobs, Tatjana Arsenijevic, Séverine Steuve, Sheela Onnockx, Jingwei Xie, Julie DeSchutter, Sarah Duerinckx (co-direction), Mathieu Antoine (2021), Valérie Jacquemin (2023) (co-direction)



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