Postdoctoral position
two years (start Oct.2018)

IRIBHM international PhD Programme
The selection process is ongoing.

3rd IRIBHM PhD Day
June 8, 2018
Ferme de Holleken
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June 19, 2018, 5pm. PhD Thesis Defense

Auditoire Claude, ULB, Medical Faculty

Marion Vanorlé will defend a thesis entitled: «  Rôle des nucléotides extracellulaires dans le potentiel angiogénique et cardioprotecteur des cellules souches issues du tissu adipeux cardiaque »

Promotor: Didier Communi


June 2018
Biomedical Research Seminars
Campus Erasme- 1PM
Auditoire B1:003

7 June – Jim Johnson
(Decio Eizirik)
University of British Columbia Visiting Professor of Integrated Physiology, University of Oxford Senior Fellow, Harris Manchester College
Modulating insulin production for the treatment of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes

14 June – Guillaume Smits
(Sabine Costagliola)
IB2 – Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels
Centre de Génétique Humaine de l’ULB
“Genomics of neurodevelopmental disorders ”

21 June- Alessandra Pierani
(Alban de Kerchove)
ENP, Ecole des Neurosciences,
Paris Ile-de-France
“Transient moving organizers: life and death in cortical development and evolution”

28 June- Benjamin Delatte
(François Fuks)
Division of Signaling and Gene Expression
La Jolla Institute for Allergy And Immunology
“DREAM-seq, an endonuclease-assisted method to map R-loops”

July 2018

5 July – Nathan Stitziel
(Pascale Lybaert)
Center for Cardiovascular Research Cardiovascular Division John T. Milliken Department of Medicine Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis
“Genomic insights into human cardiovascular disease”

Recent Publications

“Human-specific NOTCH2NL genes expand cortical neurogenesis through Delta/Notch regulation,” Suzuki IK, Gacquer D, Van Heurck R, Kumar D, Wojno M, Bilheu A, Herpoel A, Cheron J, Polleux F, Detours V, and Vanderhaeghen P. Cell, Volume 173, Issue 6, 31 May 2018, Pages 1370–1384.e16

“Human Pluripotent Stem-Cell-Derived Cortical Neurons Integrate Functionally into the Lesioned Adult Murine Visual Cortex in an Area-Specific Way”, Ira Espuny-Camacho, Kimmo A. Michelsen, Daniele Linaro, Angéline Bilheu, Sandra Acosta-Verdugo, Adèle Herpoel, Michele Giugliano, Afsaneh Gaillard, Pierre Vanderhaeghen, , Cell Reports, Volume 23, Issue 9, 29 May 2018, Pages 2732-2743.

A Rapid CRISPR/Cas-based Mutagenesis Assay in Zebrafish for Identification of Genes Involved in Thyroid Morphogenesis and Function,” A. Trubiroha, P. Gillotay, N. Giusti, D. Gacquer, F. Libert, A. Lefort, B. Haerlingen, X. Deken, R. Opitz, and S. Costagliola,  Sci. Rep., pp. 1–19, Mar. 2018.

Development by Genetic Immunization of Monovalent Antibodies Against Human Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Receptor 1 (VPAC1), New Innovative, and Versatile Tools to Study VPAC1 Receptor Function.” Peyrassol X, Laeremans T, Lahura V, Debulpaep M, El Hassan H, Steyaert J, Parmentier M, Langer I. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2018 Apr 5;9:153.