Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Biologie Humaine et Moléculaire

Simulation of biological systems, bioinformatics, biostatistics.

[ V.De Maertelaer , V. Detours, S.Swillens ]

The quantitative interpretation of biological data requires the use of computer assisted approaches.
A first approach consists of the statistical analysis of data in order to support relevance and significance of biological observations.

A second approach deals with the elaboration and the computer simulation of models in order to test the validity of intuitively proposed schemas of regulation pathways. Theoretical studies have been especially conducted in the field of second messenger-controlled cascades (cyclic AMP, InsP3 , Ca2+) and receptor activation (TSH receptor, InsP3-receptor-Ca2+-channel). In a third approach, we apply the tools of bioinformatics to gene expression data arising in cancer research, and in particular thyroid cancers. We are currently focusing on two topics: the relation between ionizing radiations and cancer initiation, and the diagnosis of thyroid malignancy. The first topic rest on the comparison of expression profiles of thyroid cancers collected from Ukrainian patients irradiated after the Chernobyl accident and from patients with no history of exposure to radiation. This work aims at finding a radiation fingerprint, and perhaps a radiation susceptibility signature distinguishing these cancers. Thyroid tumors affects as much as 40% of the population after 40, yet while 5% of these are cancers, diagnostic is inconclusive in 20% of the cases, resulting in many unnecessary thyroidectomies. Genome-wide expression profiling could help solve this problem and help understand better the morphology of thyroid tumors.


Our biostatistical activities pertain to both experimental and clinical statistics. In the biomedical field biostatistical methods are used to make exploratory, descriptive and inferential analyses. As concerns more specifically the clinical field, we collaborate with physicians on clinical research projects aimed at improving the diagnosis and the prognosis of diseases in any medical or surgical field. Our expertise in clinical trials is widely recognized; we are consultant for the FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicine and Health Products) and for the EMEA (Europe Medicines Agency).


Main recent publications

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