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Metabolism of phosphoinositides

[ David Communi, C.Erneux, I.Pirson ]

Since 1985, our work at the Institute has consisted in the definition at the molecular level of the mechanisms and enzymes involved in the signal termination reaction of new important intracellular molecules. The defined mechanisms, the cloning of new enzymes such as InsP3 3-kinases, 5-phosphatases, SHIP1 and SHIP2 have introduced new concepts and new targets in pharmacology. Loss of SHIP2 in mice leads to increased sensitivity to insulin.


Main recent publications

Daniel Blero, Bernard Payrastre, Stéphane Schurmans, Christophe Erneux.

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Polymorphisms in Type-II SH2 domain-containing Inositol 5-Phosphatase (INPPL1, SHIP2) are Associated with Physiological Abnormalities of the Metabolic Syndrome.
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Oncogene 25(40):5485-4594 (2006).

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